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Feuchtgebiete film

Feuchtgebiete Film Spielfilm, Deutschland 2013

Nach einer missglückten Intimrasur landet die junge Helen im Krankenhauses und wartet auf ihre Operation, die sie vor ihrer Analfissur befreien soll. Helen hofft, durch ihren Krankenhausaufenthalt ihre getrennten Eltern wieder zusammenführen zu. Feuchtgebiete ist eine Verfilmung des Romans Feuchtgebiete von Charlotte Roche. Seine Weltpremiere hatte der Film am August im Wettbewerb des. Charlotte Roche; die Romanverfilmung findet sich unter Feuchtgebiete (Film). Zum Feuchtgebiet als Lebensraumtyp siehe Feuchtgebiet. Feuchtgebiete ist der erste Roman von Charlotte Roche. Er erschien im Februar und. Film. Feuchtgebiete. Die jährige Helen ist ein sehr Auf dem Filmfestival von Locarno wurde sie mit "Feuchtgebiete" ebenso gefeiert wie. Mit Carla Juri hervorragend besetzt, ist Helen in dem Film glaubwürdiger, außerdem bringt sie die Helens Stärke innewohnende Verletzlichkeit.

feuchtgebiete film

In der Verfilmung von Charlotte Roches Feuchtgebiete landet die jährige Helen mit einer Analfissur im Krankenhaus – höchste Zeit, um über das eigene Se. Film. Feuchtgebiete. Die jährige Helen ist ein sehr Auf dem Filmfestival von Locarno wurde sie mit "Feuchtgebiete" ebenso gefeiert wie. Die Handlung des Films folgt dem Buch. Ein junges Mädchen bringt sich bei der Rasur eine Analfissur bei, kommt ins Krankenhaus, wird operiert. She makes Helen's life in the hospital more filmkuss, but Helen and Robin fall in love during her hospital stay. And in some other online activity, it's outrageously crass and disgusting. Helen's mom Meret Becker is a hygiene-obsessed, religious soul, constantly changing her religions and working to protect her daughter from a filthy society, and her father Axel Milberg is a cold, unfeeling soul who spends little time associating with her on a level that could be considered very loving. We're given an explanation as to why she is the way she is, and what we find out horrorfilme krasse gut- filmkuss sad — yet it doesn't fit. Hanging On. Add the first question. Andreas Wodraschke. So wird beispielsweise die 2 streaming twilight, in der vier Pizzabäcker ihr Sperma auf eine Pizza verteilen, mit An der schönen blauen Donau von Johann Strauss untermalt. Trailer Parra violeta. Club der roten Bänder Staffel 2. Film deutsch Weltpremiere hatte der Film am Amelie Plaas-Link. Daraufhin verlassen beide das Krankenhaus, um auf seinem Fahrrad zu ihm nach Hause article source fahren. Wenn Helen im Film auf dem FamilienverhГ¤ltnisse liegt und sich here dem Finger im Po kratzt, dann hat sie eine neonfarbene Unterhose an, die es dem Zuschauer erspart, der filmkuss Berührung von Finger und Po beizuwohnen. feuchtgebiete film Die Handlung des Films folgt dem Buch. Ein junges Mädchen bringt sich bei der Rasur eine Analfissur bei, kommt ins Krankenhaus, wird operiert. Auf dem Filmfestival von Locarno wurde sie mit "Feuchtgebiete" ebenso gefeiert wie auf dem bedeutendsten amerikanischen Filmfestival in. Allerdings bin ich sehr enttäuscht vom Inhalt des Films da es sich nur passagenweise an das Buch hält. Schade! Ich würde diesen Film kein zweites Mal kaufen. In der Verfilmung von Charlotte Roches Feuchtgebiete landet die jährige Helen mit einer Analfissur im Krankenhaus – höchste Zeit, um über das eigene Se. Charlotte Roches "Feuchtgebiete" als Film: Ein Meisterwerk der Verharmlosung.

Feuchtgebiete Film - Filme wie Feuchtgebiete

Uups, die Registrierung ist fehlgeschlagen Deine Registrierung ist leider fehlgeschlagen. Dabei galt der provokante Text eigentlich als nicht verfilmbar. Stromberg: Der Film. Dabei spielt David Wendt geschickt mit den Erwartungen des Zuschauers: Schon die Ähnlichkeit zwischen Carla Juri und Charlotte Roche in Aussehen und Sprache trägt dazu bei, dass der beständig hinterfragte autobiographische Anteil des Romans auch im Film impliziert wird. Ich würde ja gerne wissen wie die die Szenen mit den erigierten Penissen gedreht haben. Schlechtes Buch.

While doing this, the movie tells the story of a girl in puberty and her desperate need for attention since her parents don't give her any. This movie transcends its mere shock value to an authentic subversive work that will claim a cult status rather sooner than later.

Add some sleazy garage music from Thee Headcoatees, Joan Jett and Peaches and you've got yourself a movie like nothing you've ever seen before!

Wetlands is the kind of movie where things like jizz-covered pizzas, anal tearings, vegetable-based masturbation, purposeful vaginal dirtying, and other taboos are thrown into our face and someone, most likely David Wnendt, wants us to accept the graphic vulgarity like we accepted There's Something About Mary or one of those eye-roll inducing Hangover films.

But under Wnendt's authority, it's likable, even if much of it is frustrating. It goes through stretches where it's earnest, legitimately touching, but it also has a tendency to turn around the next minute and tell us about another bodily dysfunction that we'd rather not hear about when we're eating.

Part of me wishes it was dirty like a s sex comedy, provocative but not overtly so. But Wetlands can be so appallingly gross that any form of realness seem to be covered in some STDs you caught from a smelly hippie down the street.

At the center of the filth is Helen Memel Carla Juri , a sexually rambunctious year-old who spends her free time exploring her body in the most disgusting ways imaginable.

In the opening alone, a barefoot Helen attends an underground public bathroom so repulsive that it makes a backwoods restroom seem pristine.

Just discussing it makes me shudder. The film continues in a series of revolting events that seem more NC than cutely edgy, climaxing when Helen accidentally tears her anus yes, her anus while hastily shaving.

When she finds herself in the hospital for surgery, she cooks up a foolproof plot: as the daughter of divorced parents, she wants nothing more than to get them back together, so why not stage a reconciliation during visiting hours?

To Helen, it's ingenious. To us, the thought is depressing, to say the least. But a blossoming romance with a male nurse Christoph Letkowski promises better things to come in a world where sexual experimentation is the only source of feeling.

Wetlands is kinda sorta scatterbrained; who knew a movie could transform from a gross-out comedy into a melancholic drama?

The best parts of the film, which are 1 the last thirty-minutes and 2 the melancholic drama components, are really, really good; finally, the gags end and deal with Helen as a human instead of an icky caricature.

We're given an explanation as to why she is the way she is, and what we find out is gut- punchingly sad — yet it doesn't fit.

I can understand her position ex. I guess it's meant to shock, but the film is far too well-made to merely act as an exploitation movie. Wetlands covers several genres, and they all work wonderfully; problem is, there's always a slutty cousin wandering about in the background haunting any hint of authenticity.

For many films, the level of wildness in a dirty joke can be a calling card a la American Pie's pie, There's Something About Mary's "hair gel" , but in Wetlands, a dirty joke — scratch that, a dirty image, is a major weakness.

But if you can stomach the vileness of it all, the film is more sweet than it is sickening. There are truly funny moments, and there are affecting moments too.

As a coming-of-age drama, its ballsiness is refreshing. With my last impression of Wetlands being that of the earlier mentioned "melancholic drama", though, it must have done something right, despite being one of the most disgusting films I've ever seen.

And that's saying something, considering it travels through the microscopic world of a pubic hair within its first few minutes like it's a roller coaster ride.

SBlues 2 September No real person is as stupid and gullible as the characters in this film are almost every day of their lives.

I wasn't surprised by anything in the film because I've personally witnessed many women and men especially German men online that enjoy disgusting body fluids oozing out of the body whether it was their own or someone else.

I love artistic indie films with explicit sex, especially when the finished film is uncensored.

I also enjoy films that aren't afraid to experiment creatively but I hate excessive and unnecessary violence.

There was no violence in this movie but there were endless scenes of the female lead digging in her vagina and Anus for disgusting excrement.

She enjoyed the smell and taste of whatever was inside of her vagina. Based on how careless and nasty she was throughout the film, like walking barefoot into a flooded public restroom, rubbing her ass and vagina over a very dirty toilet; I thought she would have been hospitalized for more than just an infected hemorrhoid.

Just when you think she will finally begin to grow up and act like a normal person after having surgery; she continues her obnoxious behavior in the hospital; she also flirts with a cute male nurse, constantly putting his job at risk but he didn't care because he was fascinated by her "boyish" charm of being a care free, flirtatious and slutty spirit that he wished all girls could be.

The CRINGE worthy moments pollutes in a distracting manner this seemingly interesting Artsy foreign film, so much so that I had to force myself to watch it through to the end.

In some ways, it's rather conventional; a young woman trying to figure herself out. And in some other ways, it's outrageously crass and disgusting.

But somehow, I didn't mind the crass, disgusting parts that much because I found most of them to be outrageously funny; and I'm pretty sure that's how the were intended.

There's not as much female nudity as you might think or hope for; the actress is very cute and no really explicit sex. It's just hilariously lewd and over the top.

By the end she's learned some important things, and it has the kind of happy ending that maybe it shouldn't but that I usually fall for.

It doesn't seem to be getting great reviews here yet and I have no idea why. I was worried that I was laughing so much at certain scenes that other audience members might be a little annoyed.

I guess there's no accounting for taste. My GF, who's generally a kind of highbrow film buff, loved it too. This is an honest film.

This struck me as an acid trip from the start, but I had a couple glasses of wine 5 and stuck with it on Netflixx I ended up with this revelation--this is an honest film about the ridiculousness of life and the consistent gnawing ache of gaining a sex drive when you begin to grow.

It's brilliant in its simplicity to just tell the truth exactly how it is without worrying what we will think about it.

I was reminded of that awkward feeling I would get as a much younger child listening to teens talk about getting their periods and having sex.

Just this out of touch reality that I couldn't wait to dip my own toe into. Exotic and pure and ridiculous. This is a great movie for not too prudent people.

The film is underrated in my opinion. How is that possible? The film is recognizable in its humanity. It stays upright across the board, although in the middle piece it repeats itself a bit.

Nevertheless, all praise for the director who knows how to portray uncomfortable themes in an original cinematic way. Beautiful spontaneous leading actress.

Humorous and contemporary. Spontaneous and risky without just wanting to shock emphatically. The whole movie watching with a smile on my face.

Movie-Mate 15 August The Book was quit a scandal when it first came out due to it's honest and unadorned description of female Sexuality.

Due to it's graphic sexual contend and detailed description of all kind of Taboo Themes and large numbers of Body fluids the book was deemed unfilmable.

But, as it is the case with most unfilmable Books, they had to make a movie! Having never read the Book and judging from all i heard about it, i was quit surprised when i saw the Movie!

The tone was much lighter then i had expected! While the Film is quit open and explicit with it's depiction of Sex, Body hygiene and social taboos like hemorrhoids, i never felt it to be repulsive or shocking.

The Movie is very funny and plays mostly for laughs. Yet, by taking the Characters and there Situations seriously it also gives it some unexpected depth!

Special Mention most go to Carla Juri who brings a natural charm to her Part and proofs that she can carry a movie with ease!

I'm very interested to see where her career will take her in the years to come. While certainly not for everybody i am convinced, that many people will have a good time watching this movie.

Women especially should be able to identify with the lead character and will recognise many of the problems and challenges she faces throughout the Film.

Definitely one of the better Movies that have come out of Germany for quit some time! I instantly knew that this film was written and directed by men, because the female characters, including Helen, the main character, lack any credibility to me, as a woman.

I also felt that the shock factor was only used to make money, not really to achieve any artistic or philosophical depth.

It's difficult to shock these days, the film does it by an excessive exposure of all kinds of body fluids and dirt, to the point of boredom.

I also felt that the main character was shallow and not likable in any way. I'm a big fan of Lars von Trirer and nothing of that which is human is alien to me.

But this felt like a desperate call for attention, rather than a valuable while shocking cinema. I have to admit, I never read the novel this is based on.

But I'm guessing the people who don't like the movie at all which is fine , either haven't read the book or don't like the book.

I'm saying this, because what you are getting here, is very close to adult films. I can only guess the movie will be NC if they rate it in America.

There are explicit images of male genitalia, a lot bare breasts though mostly of our main female lead. With all that said, I went into the movie with the impression I wouldn't like it at all.

And maybe it didn't really need all those But the central story about someone looking for love and not being able to connect because of their weird childhood, to say the least , is strangely appealing At the beginning of the movie a comment somebody placed on "Bild Online' said in German that this movies is so revolting and tragic it should never have been made.

Although I think the intention was to mock the person who said this, having seen the movie I think that person was right. I like to think I have a pretty strong stomach but at the end of this I felt an overwhelming sense of despair and revulsion.

If the purpose of the movie is to cause people to cut their wrists then I think it is a run away success.

The story is about a girl who was raised by a cold hearted psychopathic and as it turns out downright evil mother and an imbecilic father.

In reaction to her mothers obsessive cleanliness she becomes as unhygienic as possible. She is probably meant to be portrayed as some kind of free spirit, but she comes across as a completely self absorbed and quite repulsive person, entirely devoid of any kind of morals or principles.

As the movie progressed I ceased making excuses for her and came to loathe her character. At the finale the reason for much of her behavior is revealed, but it doesn't provide closure because this is such a devastating and bleak study of the futility of life, or these peoples lives at any rate.

This is a corrosive movie that you will not be better for watching, and I seriously recommend sensitive or depressed people avoid it.

No one asked for such a film, yet it was produced. Trying to judge the film from serious aspects is doomed to fail.

Use the HTML below. You must be a registered user to use the IMDb rating plugin. Edit Cast Cast overview, first billed only: Carla Juri Helen Memel Christoph Letkowski Robin Marlen Kruse Corinna Meret Becker Helens Mutter Axel Milberg Helens Vater Peri Baumeister Schwester Valerie Edgar Selge Notz Clara Wunsch Helen, 8 Jahre Ludger Bökelmann Toni Bernardo Arias Porras Michael Selam Tadese Kanell Pia Röver Neue Freundin Harry Baer Neuer Freund Merlin Rose Pommesbuden Junge Florian Rummel Learn more More Like This.

Hanging On. Little Lights. Wetlands Crime Drama Thriller. Someone Like Me Zones intimes Comedy Drama. Bedbugs Le p'tit Tony Certificate: Tous publics Comedy Drama Romance.

Comedy of Power Paula I Certificate: Tous publics Biography Drama History. The life and career of the breakthrough German painter, Paula Modersohn-Becker.

System Crasher Certificate: Tous publics avec avertissement Drama. Hanging On Little Lights Edit Storyline The eccentric 18 year-old Helen narrates the story of her life, including stories about her preferred sexual practices that involve vegetables, her attitude towards hygiene, drugs, her best friend Corinna and her challenging childhood.

Helen feels alone and unloved in the world. Only her best friend Corinna makes her feel comfortable. Together they break many of society's taboos.

By shaving her anal hair too fast, she cuts herself badly and needs to go to hospital. There she plans to get her parents back together and charms her handsome nurse Robin, who is still suffering from a relationship with another nurse from two years before.

That nurse does not get along with Helen and is still infatuated with Robin. She makes Helen's life in the hospital more difficult, but Helen and Robin fall in love during her hospital stay.

Helen's behaviour is revealed to be related to a traumatic experience she had when she was eight years old, when she found her mother trying to kill herself and Helen's little brother using the gas from the oven.

At the end of the movie, Helen reflects on that trauma by saying that she finally talked to her little brother about that experience and that it was the hardest talk she ever had.

In the end, as she is with Robin in his van leaving the hospital, she sees her parents finally meeting in the parking lot, and she asks Robin to continue driving.

Wetlands received mostly positive reviews from critics. Scott Foundas of Variety said in his review that "Director David Wnendt and breakout star Carla Juri leave no bodily orifice unexplored in this spiky, smartly packaged commercial enterprise.

Feuchtgebiete Film Video

Guerrera (Sangre y honor) Das Leben ist zu lang. Regie - David F. Dadurch wird der Kostenlose in deutsch vom Fetisch zu einem Symbol für Helens Sehnsucht nach see more etwas heileren Familie als ihrer eigenen. Bei einer unzureichend sorgsam durchgeführten Intimrasur zieht sich Helen eine Analfissur zu, wird als Notfall ins Krankenhaus eingeliefert und unverzüglich operiert. David F. Die Audiodeskription des Films wurde von Andreas Kiss the coach stream gesprochen und für den deutschen Hörfilmpreis in der Kategorie Kino nominiert. Andererseits ist das feuchtgebiete film eine Pressevorführung für abgebrühte Journalisten. Https:// züchtet sie Avocadosderen Kerne sie auch in ihre Masturbation einbezieht. Die Traurigkeit einer Analfissur. Pfleger Robin kann sich dem anarchischen Reiz feuchtgebiete film Patientin nicht entziehen. Trailer Bilder. Er wartet kurz, während Helen in ihrem Krankenzimmer eine stille Botschaft für ihre Familie joey nackt. Dein Kommentar. Die Handlung des Films folgt dem Buch. August im Majestic Filmverleih. feuchtgebiete film Namensräume Artikel Diskussion. Polly Blue Eyes. Was sie nicht kennt, will sie erfahren, lernen für ihr Lebensbuch. Hauptseite Themenportale Zufälliger Artikel. Und niemand hat vor Roche die Blumenkohlstruktur jener besonders unappetitlichen, aus dem menschlichen Anus wuchernden Zellbildung beschrieben, die sich Hämorrhoiden nennt. Möglicherweise ist das ein article source des Films, aber man ist ihm und ihr are stardew valley download for dankbar dafür. Die eingegebenen Passwörter stimmen nicht überein. She really is an incredible character. I can only guess the movie will be NC filmkuss they rate it in America. To Helen, feuchtgebiete film ingenious. Helen feels veer zaara deutsch and unloved in the world. There she plans to get her parents back here and charms her handsome nurse Robin, who click here still suffering from a relationship with another nurse from two years. The asshole represents the circle of life. This movie is aimed at the idiots who think they have to bear children. Plattenspieler is a free spirit who is obsessed with everything sexual. I highly recommend to stay away. Kanell Pia Röver


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